Unique Men’s Wedding Band – He Won’t Want To Take Off

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It’s important for a man to love his wedding ring.  It is a token of love that needs to be your style. Most men, their wedding band is the only ring that they will wear.  In order to love your wedding band and not want to take it off, it has to match your personality and style.  Another important fact is that it needs to complement your hand structure.

George wanted a custom made platinum wedding band with a cool design that’s interesting, sophisticated and definitely quite and not flashy.  His hand structure is a little wide and he has refined fingers.  George’s style is clean and classic.

custom made wedding ring

George’s Hand

For George’s hand and any hand with similar structure, a vertical shape design is preferred over a horizontal shape.  Also it’s better if the design is continuous versus a single vertical line/design in the middle of the band.  Since George’s hand has a clean look, the design needs to be minimal and preferably in the center of the band so it can have clean borders on either side.

mens custom wedding ring

Making The Ring

Here’s an image of George’s ring when I was cleaning it.  The design is in the shape of a radiator.  I placed it in the middle of the band and i made smooth edges on either side of it.  The overall shape of the ring is slightly rounded, since a flat top would not be suitable for his hand structure.  I also made the radiator shapes ever-so-slightly further apart from each other at George’s request and I completely agree with him.  If the shapes were too close, it would have looked too busy and definitely not suitable for his hand.  The band is 6mm wide with a perfect balance between the center design and the outer edges.

Here are couple of images of George’s wedding ring;

custom mens wedding ring

George Wedding Ring

custom mens wedding ring

George Wedding Ring Side View

Another aspect that makes this wedding ring so interesting and elegant is the combination of the different finishes.  Sand blasted in the middle with high polish outer edges. Best of all it looks fantastic on George’s hand!

For all of my clients who want a wedding ring, I always look at their style and the structure of their hand.  Based on that, I suggest a design that is suitable and complementary.





Custom Restyling Of Heirloom Jewelry

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Often we inherit jewelry that’s out-dated and not our style.  Most of the time it just sits in a drawer.  Some have sentimental value as they belonged to someone dear to us.  Some don’t have any sentimental value and they were received as a gift, but they have pretty gems that can be taken out and put in a new setting that’s more of our style.

Heirloom Ring

Heirloom Ring

Nairi inherited her mom’s white gold, sapphire and diamond ring.  It’s a sweet ring, but out-dated and definitely not Nairi’s style.  Yet she wanted to wear it as a sweet reminder of her mom.  So she asked me to take it apart and use its gems to make a new ring that’s more her style yet it would remind her of the original ring.   She also brought in a few loose diamonds that had fallen out of other old jewelry.

Some pieces of jewelry are not worth taking apart. That was the situation with this ring, so I suggested to first clean and polish the ring then add to it instead of taking it apart!  So I made two individual rings that can be worn in either side of the original sapphire ring, similar to the concept of ring jackets but in a very up-dated and trendy looking style.

Ring jackets

Ring jackets

Here are the ring jackets!  when worn individually, they look like rays of sunshine.  When all three rings are worn together, they appear to be one big ring.  The extensions on the new rings blend with the petals of the original ring and the placement of the diamonds match and complement the diamonds on the old ring.

Custom ring jackets

Three rings worn together

Here’s a side view of all three rings showing how the two new rings cascade down and sit beautifully on the finger.

Custom ring jackets

Top view of the three rings together

Call it a Starbust, call it Sun shine, best of all it’s mom’s ring worn and enjoyed Nairi’s way!




Matching Wedding Rings

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Choosing the right wedding ring is very important.  For ladies, you are going to wear your wedding band everyday, but you may not wear your engagement ring everyday.  For men, that’s one ring and probably most important piece of jewelry that you’ll always wear, so make sure you love it!

Couples sometimes ask me if their bands should match.  That’s really up to you, it’s a personal choice.  For ladies waht determines the style of the wedding band, is the desgin of the engagement ring and that in turn will determine if you can have a matching matching band for him.


If your engagement ring is a solitaire, then you’re open to a wide range of wedding bands and in that case, if you want, you can have matching bands!

matching wedding bands

Matching Wedding Bands


Here’s Adarsh and Mithila’s matching wedding bands.  Mithila has a solitaire engagement ring and they both wanted matching wedding bands that are very unique in design.

Mithila’s hand structure needs a ring that is clean and structured in design with a good balance of diamonds and some metal showing.  What I suggested to do is to put the diamonds on the edge of the wedding ring.

custom wedding band

Mithila Wedding Band

Below is a side view:

custom wedding band

Mithila Wedding Band Side View

Each diamond is prong set in a square motif and the squares continue all the way around.  They are the Cynthia Britt “Chocolate Squares”. By continuing the squares, it’s an eternity band without having to put diamonds all the way around, which makes it more economical when you have a certain budget. To give it that clean look, I made an edge on the other side of the chocolate squares.  So one side is “Chocolate Squares” and the other side is smooth metal. The Mithila wedding ring can be worn with the diamonds next to the engagement ring or with the diamonds facing the opposite direction.  Once thing that’s very important, when the ring is worn alone, it looks great and complete! It’s a very rich look.


For a matching band for Adarsh, I took the “Chocolate Square” design option from Mithila’s band and made a more masculine version of it.  Below is the picture:

Custom wedding band

Adarsh Wedding Band

The “Chocolate Squares” are slightly different and the grooves separating them, don’t go all the way down like Mithila’s.  Even though they are matching bands, it one has its own character and individuality!

And here’s a top view:

Men's wedding band

Adarsh Wedding Band Top View

The smooth band section is slightly rounded to match the rounded edges of the “Chocolate Squares”.  I also made it comfort fit.

A masculine look yet very refined and very unique!

Matching bands are not for every body, but if you’re interested, I can take one design element from the ladies wedding band and make a masculine version of it.  A band that has its own character with a reminiscence of its matching pair!

Enjoy your wedding bands!






Custom Lion Ring

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Lion Ring

Lion Ring

Hand carving of animal shapes and any organic subject such as flowers, leaves, etc., are among my favorite pieces to be commissioned to do!  Above is an image of a lion ring that I made for one of my clients.  She had her own stone, which is a green tourmaline, and wanted a lion ring for her husband.  She lives in California, so like every other custom design piece, I first sent her sketches of different design ideas for her to choose from.  The ring in the image above, with two lions holding the gem, is the design that she picked!

I first made the ring, then I made the lions separately, all by carving wax!  Then I had the wax pieces cast into 18k rose gold.  Once I had all the pieces in gold, they were all polished separately,  then I assembled them together and had the center stone bezel set.

It’s a very organic, unique and one-of a-kind look!  Another example of wax carving is the Engagement ring below:

Sofia Ring

Sofia Ring Side View

For the Sofia Engagement ring, I used two different methods.  I hand made the platinum band separately, then I hand carved the flower in wax and put the two pieces together.  Below is a top view image:

Sophia engagement ring

Sophia Engagement Ring Top View


Depending on the subject, I will either carve the entire piece in wax or use different methods to achieve a certain look!  For organic pieces, wax carving is the best!


Thank you,




How To Surprise Your Girlfriend or Wife With A Gift That She’ll Love!

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Shopping for a unique gift can be tricky,
Whether she likes many things or is real picky!
Now here’s a true story!
Nick wanted to give his girlfriend special gift for Valentine’s day. Something thoughtful and definitely different from the usual gifts. He came to me with a natural oyster pearl! He told me the story how he had gone to dinner with his girlfriend to Island Creek Oyster Bar. As all locals know, the Oyster Bar is in Kenmore Square. It was a crowded night, very usual of the place, but luckily they were able to get a seat and order their dinner. While they were eating, Nick almost broke his tooth as he chewed on a natural oyster pearl that was in his oyster sandwich! At first, he didn’t think much of it! He had a tough week and a difficult day, so accidentally chewing on a white pebble looking thing and almost breaking his tooth wasn’t amusing at all!

Later on, he realized that he has a rare natural pearl, as oysters pearls don’t happen that often! So he decided to make something with it, preferably a pendant which would represent not only their time together but also their ritual of going to the same restaurant quite often.
He showed me his girlfriend’s images and said that she would want something that she could wear everyday and it would have an organic look to it!

We tossed a few ideas together and decided the design would be some kind of a shell. Once I started thinking about the design, I decided to make a circular shell with a slightly diagonal top that would be the hidden bale.

Within the shell, I carved grooves so that they would get darken ( oxidized) in time and the pearl would have more of a pop to it.

Here’s the image of the finished piece with a beautiful 20 inch long sterling silver chain!

The result is a very stylish, timeless and most importantly a very unique gift that will always have a very special meaning!

We can’t all find a rare oyster pearl to make a special pendant, but a custom made piece, one that has a special meaning for her, will always be a unique gift, something meaningful that she’ll always remember and love!

A thoughtful gift sure says “I love you!”


Sapphires and Diamonds Hinged Hoops

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sapphire and diamond hoops

Sapphires and Diamonds Hoops


These elegant sapphires and diamonds hinged hoops are small enough to wear during the day and sparkly enough for evening!  When Gigi couldn’t find her sapphire and diamonds hinged hoops, she came to me to have replacement pair made!  The original pair were an older style and the center of the earrings was set with light colored sapphires.  She has a sapphire and diamond ring which she wears everyday and she suggested to have the new pair of earrings made so that they match.

This image shows Gigi’s ring:

sapphire and diamond ring

Gigi showing her ring to match

Based on Gigi’s ring, we decided to put princess cut sapphires in the middle and bead set diamonds on the outer edges.  Not to soften the look, and give it more depth, I made the section for the sapphires, slightly higher than the diamonds and I put the diamonds in a very slight angel. I gave the earrings a nice width, about 8 millimeters wide and about 5/8 of an inch in outer diameter.  I made a nice wide hinge for extra security and I put the post in a position that the earring would hide the stretched hole and hug the ear lobe beautifully!


They came out gorgeous and they look great on Gigi!  Gigi is tall, so she wanted the earrings to have a beautiful presence and not get lost and at the same time be at a scale that she can wear them all day in the office and in the evening!


Enjoy your new earrings, Gigi!